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How It Works


How It Works

Our debut book is Jackson’s Choice.

For young journalist Jackson, a routine assignment in Athens, ends with a museum curator lying dead in a pool of blood.

As Jackson, you will:

  • Rush forward or take your time to look around as you explore ancient catacombs, Greek markets, and the streets of Paris.

  • Throw punches in fight scenes by swiping the screen.

  • Read body language to get your interview subject to open up, outwit a security guard, and to keep your cool while being threatened by brutal thugs.

  • Literally steer your way through an explosive car chase.

  • Earn XBOX LIVE style achievements: compare and compete with your Facebook friends in the leader board.
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Each Chapter Has a Dilemma


How Dilemmas Work:

In Chapter One of Jackson's Choice you discover a one hundred dollar bill on a dead body. You choose weather to pocket the money or to put it back.  

The book is 'open' for a set amount of time. The final outcome will be determined by the collective choice of the crowd at the end of that time. So, if 51% of the 'crowd' choose to take the money, then Jackson is a 'Grave Robber'.

A reader can go back and change their choice at any time. They can also compare their choices with those of their friends.



Chapter One: "Grave Robber" or "Respect The Dead". Does Jackson take $100 from a corpse or does he keep his self respect and put it back? 

Chapter Two: "Scarred For Life" or "Unharmed". During a fight with a thug: does Jackson time it perfectly and get through unharmed or does he mistime and get scarred for life?

Chapter Four: "Awkward Flirt" or "Kept Your Cool". Does Jackson keep his cool with the girls, or does he come off awkward?

Chapter Seven: "I'll Drive" or "I'll Navigate". Does Jackson take control and drive, or is he his OK to let go and navigate?

How Dilemmas Impact The Story:

Jackson's Choice is a coming-of-age story. In his old life, his choice's had little consequence. But now his choices matter. How he acts now will shape his personality, his character his look and, of course, the story line to come. 

In the final chapter, we push Jackson (and you, the reader) to make an impossible choice. Will he (and you) be able to step up and make that choice? Or, will you leave it to the crowd?


The choice you, your friends and the crowd make will direct the next book. 

Jackson's personality, character and the plot line will be determined by our readers.


The Team

The Team

Here's To The Crazy Ones...

Joe Booth

Joe is our founder and does most of the code and design and also a bit of writing.

Joe is dyslexic. At school he struggled with reading and eventually disengaged. He left school at fifteen to make video games. For the next twenty-five years, Joe worked on major series including  FIFA, Need for Speed, Ghost Recon, and Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Joe's games have sold over 24m copies generating $1b of retail revenue with 10 AIAS & BAFTA nominations. More background here.

Crowded Fiction draws on Joe’s experience as a video game maker and as a reluctant reader who overcame his dyslexia to develop a love of fiction.

Queenie Moffat

Queenie the pseudonym for our amazing multiple-published author. Queenie is the main writer of Jackson's Choice. 

Just prior to our Kickstarter campaign, Queenie landed a major book publishing deal, yeah! But those nasty traditional book publishing folks insisted Queenie not use their name on any other published work, boo! (Those evil buggers, that's no way to treat creative talent. May they rot in hell for crimes against coolness).

Queenie has been published by Dorling Kindersley, Pearson, and Running Press. As well as having multiple published books, Queenie has worked on some very successful games and their work has been enjoyed by millions of people. 


Creative Advisor: Max Brallier, author of "Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse."

Academic Advisor: Dr. Alex Games who has spent 10+ years researching the use of games as learning tools.

Editor: Timothy Richards

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Our Backers

Our Backers

Our backers played a key part in shaping Jackson's Choice.

Vander Caballero

Vander Caballero

Every character is based on a backer and our backers include some well know video games developers, including

  • Vander Caballero, Creator Director of Papo & Yo and founder of Minority Inc
  • Gordon Hall, Chief Creative Officer at Activision Mobile and founder / former studio head at Rockstar Leeds
  • Trevor Laupmanis, Executive Producer, Turn 10 / Forza 5
  • John Doyle, Director, United Front Games, former Executive Producer & GM of Need For Speed World.

Our backers were involved in Jackson's Choice in many different ways...


Red Shirts: We had 20 'redshirt' backers. Like their Star Trek namesakes, these backers met an untimely death. The reader can optionally search them to find out their back story (and earn achievement points!)

Heroine CoStar: One of our backers designed the heroine. Erika, is based on their daughter. She's a bad ass, Interpol agent who rescues Jackson more than once! 

Co-Star: Giorgio is based on a backer's son. He is Jackson's best friend. He lives in Athens and shows Jackson around while they reminisce about the old days in Montreal where they were at school together.

Thespian: Have secondary parts: the curator who is murdered: two tourists in a hotel room; a girl Jackson meets.

Custom Dedication and Secret Message: Here backers get their very own personal dedication or a secret message delivered to them at a set part of the book.

One Year Backstage Club Membership: Backers are given access to beta code and to future books

School Benefactor: We had over 1,000 licenses for our Free Books For Schools program that we will give away to educators and education researchers. 

Free Books for Schools*

and academic research

Free Books for Schools*

and academic research

*Our backers funded over 1,000 free licenses for schools and academic research. Please contact us below for more information.