Our backers played a key part in shaping Jackson's Choice.

Vander Caballero

Vander Caballero

Every character is based on a backer and our backers include some well know video games developers, including

  • Vander Caballero, Creator Director of Papo & Yo and founder of Minority Inc
  • Gordon Hall, Chief Creative Officer at Activision Mobile and founder / former studio head at Rockstar Leeds
  • Trevor Laupmanis, Executive Producer, Turn 10 / Forza 5
  • John Doyle, Director, United Front Games, former Executive Producer & GM of Need For Speed World.

Our backers were involved in Jackson's Choice in many different ways...


Red Shirts: We had 20 'redshirt' backers. Like their Star Trek namesakes, these backers met an untimely death. The reader can optionally search them to find out their back story (and earn achievement points!)

Heroine CoStar: One of our backers designed the heroine. Erika, is based on their daughter. She's a bad ass, Interpol agent who rescues Jackson more than once! 

Co-Star: Giorgio is based on a backer's son. He is Jackson's best friend. He lives in Athens and shows Jackson around while they reminisce about the old days in Montreal where they were at school together.

Thespian: Have secondary parts: the curator who is murdered: two tourists in a hotel room; a girl Jackson meets.

Custom Dedication and Secret Message: Here backers get their very own personal dedication or a secret message delivered to them at a set part of the book.

One Year Backstage Club Membership: Backers are given access to beta code and to future books

School Benefactor: We had over 1,000 licenses for our Free Books For Schools program that we will give away to educators and education researchers.